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Il progetto russo di «anti-Europa» di Valeri Mikhailenko

In Saggi
3 febbraio 2018

Abstract – The issue of “russophobia” being a part of the political reality in Europe attracted great attention of the researchers. It should be noted, however, that, on the other side we have also “europhobia”, initiated by Russia. The historical roots of “europhobia” are analyzed through the prism of the “Anti-Europe Project” which has been a part of the Russian policy since the October Revolution of 1917. The paper deals with the historical, civilization and value issues related to the concept of “europhobia”, along with the use of the concept of a “besieged fortress”. These two elements are used together with the characteristics of a new Russian state system as mechanisms ensuring the stability of the Putin’s political regime.

Keywords – Russofobia, eurofobia, project Anti-Europa, Eurasianism, social archetype collectivist.


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