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La storia delle finanze e la coltivazione delle mele di Anna Citarella

In Discussione
3 febbraio 2018

Abstract- This article would like to bring to the attention of the readers the ongoing distortion of the methodology and the scientific purposes of the Italian Economic History, through a bibliographic analysis, for the years 2010-2016, of one of its important branch, the Financial History. Italian teachers have been led to publish the results of their searches only in some magazines, omitting any other means of communication. The use of other magazines, collective works, conference proceedings and monographs has become residual, secondary and dependent mainly on the refusal of the favourite magazines editors. All this would cause the evident consequences in the typology and quality of scientific publications also for other disciplines, if some peculiar characteristics, which will be seen, do not induce further and notable distortions in the methodology and in the scientific purposes of the Economic History.

Keywords – Economic History, Financial History, Academic life, Statistics.


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